Monday, March 21, 2011

New Friends!

This is my new little furry friend.  Her name is Charcoal, Coal for short.  She was found yesterday in my neighborhood.  The kids down the street found her in their back yard.  It looked like she was attacked in the eyes, but after a trip to the vet she has conjunctivitis, upper respiratory and dehydration!  She might be around 8 weeks old, but we're not too sure.  At first I didn't want to have another cat in the house, but something called compassion took over and I found that I could not say no to this little one.  Last night was like having a newborn in the house!  I had to feed her every 4 hours during the night!  Well I look like I haven't slept and feel like it too!  So that was how I spent my Sunday afternoon...

Here are a couple pictures of me and my sister Cindy at the Hartford Regional on Saturday.  We sat with a nice woman from Springfield, Ma.  The seminar was a lot of fun and the Make-N-Takes were challenging but beautiful.  I'll post pictures of them soon. 

 Gotta go now and take care of my little friend!!  

Have a blessed day,

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